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Holiday Drinking to Relieve Stress and Anxiety... I was curious.

CURIOUS ON LIFE: the blog vol. 17

Rebecca Guevara Wingler

Creative Life Coach/ Artist/ Certified Alcohol Coach

Color Language of the Soul Virtual Art Workshops


The Holidays, Stress and Drinking

You know, we often convince ourselves that a bit of the festive spirits can help us unwind. I used to be convinced of that. We hear it all the time, you need one to take the edge off and "relax".

But have you ever stopped to ponder what true relaxation really means?

Picture this: having nothing to worry about, nothing to annoy you, neither physically nor mentally.

Here's the twist – alcohol doesn't really fix those stressors. It's more of a temporary numbing agent.

Sure, for a little while, it may make you feel less, but when that numbness wears off, the worries and annoyances are still there.

As the years roll by, and maybe even decades, our bodies build a tolerance. The funny thing is, as tolerance goes up, the actual effects of alcohol go down. But the need for it? That only increases!

What was once a drink to relieve stress might just turn into the source of more stress than you bargained for.

Suddenly, there's this mental craving that didn't exist before.

And when you try and cut back or practice moderation, it then is wanting something you've decided you shouldn't have, and it is anything but relaxing – it's the opposite, really.

And here's the kicker – it messes with our ability to think and wipes away pieces of who we are. It's like a gloomy cloud that settles over the entire nervous system, undermining courage, self-respect, and confidence.

So with mindfulness, as we raise our glasses to celebrate this festive season, let's also toast to our well-being, keeping in mind that true relaxation comes from a clear mind and a healthy spirit.

Cheers to a holiday season filled with joy, without the unnecessary spirits dampening our sparkle!

Merry Christmas!

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