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Do you find yourself asking "Would my life be happier if I was drinking less?  






I'm a free spirited artist and a bit of a rebel who found herself asking this question.

Would my life be happier if I was drinking less?





Here is some of my story.....

 I loved my daily wine in the evenings and with dinner and with, well everything!  I thought I deserved it, didn't it relax me?   While having a glass of wine on a flight, I came across a quote by Annie Grace, something like "Do you want to make alcohol small and irrelevant in your life?"  It piqued my curiosity, and remained with me. 


Spring of 2020, quarantined at home I began questioning my daily intake again. 

I was curious about having less wine, so I  joined an online community, and took a 30 day break.  There was zero judgment, around it just an experiment

30 days later, my energy was on fire!  I was clearer and lighter.

 and within 3 months I was back to my old routine.  


At 5 pm open a bottle of wine to begin cooking,  

and then a glass or two over dinner and by the end of most evenings,

most of it was gone!  Many times open another, yay!  At home quarantined, it was so easy to do.

Then I realized I wasn't even getting the same buzz anymore!  Disappointing pattern.

I wasn't as creative and I was feeling bloated and low energy.   




What was happening?  

 As the months passed I felt something needed to change, after all hadn't I been a wellness seeker?  

My goal was to moderate so I could feel better and still have my wine!

 Then something changed in my thinking.  I shifted my time between painting and researching.

I was learning so much about my changing body and my brain and what was happening to make me feel what I was feeling.  

I wondered why I was driven to have wine each night.  Habit? Boredom? 

I was fascinated, and I went on a journey

 Fast forward to the present.

I funneled my energy in study and learning, and became a 

Certified This Naked Mind Coach.

Marrying life coaching with art is my passion. Creating a next chapter and a new future.

 Creative development that incorporates mind, body and spirit.  You experience a mind shift and gain control.

 Why am I sharing this?

I want to pay it forward.


I want to make it okay to question how much you are drinking.  

We seem to care about other things we put into our bodies like sugar, tobacco, meat and so on, why not alcohol?  

No stigma, no shame, just curiousity.

I realized my daily wine was numbing my frequency and creative light, it was not just relaxing me or taking an edge off.

The truth is I have the freedom to drink when ever and as much as I want to.  I just don't have the same desire to because what has been learned can't be un learned.

 I don't say I never will as it is my choice to happily make.  No white knuckling or will power involved.  A true mind shift.


I love travel, adventure, socializing and creating.  I am around those who choose to drink.  No problem! There is no feeling like I'm missing out in some way.  In fact its the opposite, I'm present and full of energy.  

    This science based and compassion driven methodology continues changing lives because it is effective with behaviors and habits we want to make small and irrelevant in life.

Is it possible to finally sleep better? What is it like to have greater energy for the people and things that are important and matter to you?  Moving on with intention, creativity and grace we can navigate together to create your next chapter in life.


There is always only moving forward.

Book a discovery call,  it's free.  We'll meet over zoom or by phone call, I can explain how we would work together.

With Love, 


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"You are not alone, that is all I can say."
Annie Grace 
 This Naked Mind
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