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Does Changing Your Relationship With Alcohol Mean That You Can Never Drink Again?

Updated: Apr 29

CURIOUS ON LIFE: the blog vol. 19

Rebecca Guevara Wingler

Certified and Creative Life Coach / Artist / Podcaster

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Since April is Alcohol Awareness Month, let's explore this trending topic about becoming aware and sober curious.

I can vividly recall when I first started seriously questioning the role alcohol played in my life and so began the curious journey.

It was a journey filled with wonder, a little fear and curiosity, maybe like what you're experiencing now if you are going through this in your mind.

I mean, the mere thought of stopping FOVEVER was enough to make me feel downright melancholy.

It's been about six years since then, but I continued drinking lots of wine for another couple of years.

Back then, I was quite the enthusiast for red wine. Every single day, like clockwork, I'd start pouring myself a glass around 5 in the evening as I prepared dinner and another at dinner.

During the pandemic when we were all at home with nothing but time, before I knew it, the entire bottle would be gone come morning.

After some time passed and engaging in introspective work over the following years, I began questioning all the "stories" I told myself about alcohol. I delved into studying and researching its impacts on our physical, mental, and spiritual well-being, ultimately putting my newfound knowledge to the test through personal experimentation.

I then understood the nature of how addictive it is, how it is not the elixir of life, and at the same time realizing that alcohol is socially the most acceptable drug!

I began to see it all differently.

It was no longer about "snatching" my wine pour away, it was about opening up a whole new world of living.

When you make the decision to put your well being first, day in and day out, things begin to happen.

That is something worth celebrating!

And whether that means cutting back on alcohol or eliminating it from your life and lifestyle, you get to decide.

For me, it started as an experiment and stumbled into a lifestyle where I can take it or leave it.

I love to say, " no thank you, I don't drink. "

There is no judgment with your decision.

Both would benefit your life tremendously.

As a certified alcohol coach, the work is around the goal you set for your life.

It's about how you want to feel and experience your life.

Inspiring others to question and experiment and delve into their own paths to uncover all the possibilities of embracing an alcohol free, or mindful drinking lifestyle is worth looking into if you want to take control of alcohol.

If you would like to know more, this is a safe and private space,

Book a free "discovery" call with me, Or DM me a private message,


with love,


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