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Nurturing vs Numbing

Updated: May 2, 2023

Nurturing me.............What did this even mean? I was curious.

CURIOUS ON LIFE: the blog vol. 14

Rebecca Guevara Wingler

Creator of Color Language of the Soul workshop series

Artist/ Creative Life Coach/ Certified TNM Coach


I don't remember having an appreciation for the term "self awareness" as an important principle for gaining insight into my patterns and triggers, good and bad..

Wasn't being "self aware" something arrogant? conceded?

I have learned that to develop an understanding of my strengths, weaknesses, values, and desires is positive. It is important to engage in practices and to adopt habits for personal growth, and sense of fulfillment.

At mid-life , my journey evolved into a better understanding of self care, it was a bit foreign to have thoughts around what that meant., for me.

Why? don't know really, was it a vibe? a societal message? cultural message?something silly, who knows?

In my opinion it can be harmful to our spirit to not love and nurture the light within us.

In my experience, life is imperfect and wonderful.

Along with the blessings, adventures, romance and bliss, come the heartache, disappointments, betrayals and loss.

It can feel like a spiral. And at different stages in our life span, we simply can feel lost and overwhelmed.

If we haven't learned to love and nurture and work through our painful and uncomfortable situations we can bury the distressful darkness with unpleasant or unhealthy behaviors.

Humans numb whether through substances, unhealthy coping mechanisms or emotional detachment which have various effects on our mental, physical and spiritual well-being.

Mental effects of numbing:......... this can lead to emotional numbing, making it difficult to experience and process emotions fully. Looking back this was an issue for me. I was not good at expressing verbally.

Physical effects: depending on the method of "numbing", the adverse physical consequences can be organ damage, weakened immune system, heart issues and other physical aliments. It can have negative impact on self care practices, proper nutrition, or regular exercise.

Spiritual effects: numbing ourselves can create a disconnection from our authentic selves, personal growth, self discovery and self actualization because, they are all hindered,.

It can make it challenging to engage with deeper existential questions, and the exploration of life's meaning and purpose.

In what ways can we nurture ourselves?

Practicing self-care by spending time in nature and soaking up its benefits.

Setting boundaries and learning to say no when necessary.

Drinking and eating balanced and nourishing food to support health.

New ways of cultivating self compassion.

Journaling, talking to trusted friend or seeking professional guidance.

Reflect on your values, beliefs and purpose in life., connect with a sense of something greater than yourself.

This can involve exploring spiritual beliefs, engaging in behaviors that bring a sense of meaning.

Participate in workshops, retreats, or seminars that promote personal growth and self love.

In closing, remember that self nurturing is a personal journey, and it's important to find what works best for you.

Be curious about you and your uniqueness. Be curious about prioritizing you and make it a regular part of your routine to cultivate a healthy and fulfilling life.

As a certified creative life coach, and grey area drinking coach I help women find their way to the next chapter or to a new future.

I offer workshops and courses through out the year for further transformation and exploration.



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Thanks for reading!

with love, Rebecca


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