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CAN "SOBER CURIOUS TRAVEL" be Fun? (thats what I wanted to know)

Updated: Oct 29, 2022


the Blog vol 2

Rebecca Guevara Wingler

artist/ certified life coach/ grey area drinking coach/ reiki practitioner level 2


Arles, South of France


"I have been accused of possessing a gypsy spirit and I don't deny it."

I love moving, travel and experiencing new places, people and things.

At 11 years old, I flew for the first time on a jet, from Los Angeles to Honolulu, Hawaii.

I still remember the feeling and the thrill of it all. I was invited by my grandfather and grandmother to join them and a few other relatives on this trip.

I felt hesitant and a bit uncertain because it was over the Christmas holiday, and the rest of my immediate family were not going. The thought made me feel a little empty for just a moment, but then there was a pull. Was it the curiosity of Hawaii? or of flying? my adventurous spirit? what ever it was, it was calling me.

I was even a little scared, but something nudged at me.

After all, I knew I was safe with those I would be with, so I went.

I am very happy that I did, because I bonded with others but also a door to visiting other places, away from my home, had just flown wide open.

The day to go finally came, off we went to LAX. Saying goodbye to my mother and father, walking the jetway, looking for my seat while all the flight attendants with bright smiles welcomed us on board . They were so nice and brought me snacks and juice. Everyone seemed to be in a good mood.

In Hawaii, the experience of walking along the shores of Waikiki Beach is imprinted in my mind. It was sunset, and nothing about the climate, the sounds and smells around me. or the temperature, were familiar to me.

Beaches on the Southern California coast that I grew up going to were beautiful, but the water was cold, and the temperature always drops when the sun goes down, so it becomes chilly to be there.

On the islands, its tropical, warm and

never cold. Whispers from the trade winds gave me a feeling and let me know that I was part of it all, we all were.

I was one with nature.

It felt incredibly beautiful and all encompassing.

I was energized and high, it was a natural high.

I hadn't yet experienced a chemically induced: high.

That feeling of exploring, and being curious about what I might find, see, or who I might meet and what new tastes I will experience, is still undeniably exciting!

It's why I travel.

Even at a young age, because I'm curious, it's not a question if I will travel, it's known deep with in me, that I will.

Where does "Sober Curious Travel" come in to play?

Looking back I see that alcohol is an available and accepted drug in all corners of the world.

I always partook.

I believed it relaxed me, calmed my nerves and made me better at socializing.

With a few glasses of wine or cocktails, I believed I was more at ease and confident.

Drinking while travel usually began at the airport bar, then another on the plane.

It's what you do, it's what everyone does when they travel and go on vacation........isn't it??

Decades later, when I began questioning my relationship with alcohol, I remember the discomfort of having to consider traveling, without "drinking."

It was a dilemma! It was a slight panic actually.

It makes me chuckle now, I was so stressed about it.

How could I possibly travel and not have a drink, on the plane, at dinner, pool side or brunch!!

If you've read my story, you've discovered I stopped drinking in December 2020. Since then I have realized that travel, without the booze is more invigorating.

I now am a "sober curious junkie" and have travelled many times since making alcohol small and irrelevant in my life.

Living in the Texas Hill country, I have travelled for pleasure alcohol free to Alaska, Mexico, New York, Savannah, San Diego, Los Angeles, New Orleans, just to name a few places.

It is so much better now. Why?

First, there is no longer the energy zap or fogginess in the morning. I get to be present for all new excursions and adventures and really experience them.

The food is so much more delicious because my taste buds are not numb from all the wine. I'm not getting empty calories, blotchy skin or bloat.

If you're curious about not wanting to drink alcohol every day when traveling, remain curious. Think of it as an experiment. Once you get it out of your system and actually do this experiment, you'll see that you feel different. Life can be awesome sans booze, and can become the life you don't want to numb.

I'm happy to report that on my various travels, bartenders are making intriguing Faux-Tails (a.k.a. mock -tails)

There are now zero proof spirits, n/a wine and beer. Younger adults especially seem to be more mindful of what they put in their bodies, and they want to be healthy..

Not having alcohol in your glass, but instead try adding something else that you enjoy.

Not drinking alcohol doesn't eliminate the fun and glam! You just get to experience the party, brunch, dinner, or happy hour without the headache, sluggishness

possible embarrassing moments we would like to forget the next day.

I think back at that time in Hawaii, when I was 12. I didn't need alcohol to experience that beautiful paradise. My natural high was from nature and the color, the wonder and adventures.

Now, it's like that again! I didn't need it then to enjoy new experiences and I don't need it now.

Drinking adds nothing but a 20 minute buzz which later turns to numbness and so on.

So don't wait to travel because you are worried that you won't have fun if you can't drink!

You must try and see for yourself before deciding that it will "never" be for you.

I was the same way!

NYC October 2022

If you ever want to discuss it with me, please reach out so we can chat. As a certified alcohol free coach, not only have I gone through the journey, but also have the training and methodology to help anyone who is curious about their relationship with alcohol. It is wonderful living the next chapter in life being curious, creative and clear.

Go out and explore the world with a sober mind, body and soul.

With love and wonder.

your coach,



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