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Alcohol and Your Creative Vibe

Updated: May 31

CURIOUS ON LIFE: the blog vol. 21

Rebecca Guevara Wingler

Certified Alcohol & Creative Life Coaching / Artist / Podcaster / Retreats

Color of the Soul Intuitive & Virtual Water Color Workshops


Hello and a special welcome to the new followers and subscribers! I appreciate you.

Alcohol and creativity.

When we tap into our inner artisan, it not only nurtures creativity but also stimulates our intellect. It fosters a harmonious connection with the world as we experiment, and explore new territories, and solve problems.

I believe there's an ancient magic within each of us, capable of transformation and transcending the ordinary.

This magic awakens our passions and helps us form deep connections with ourselves and others.

I used to believe that alcohol made me more creative.

It used to feel like a seductive creative escape, but in reality I experienced how it strangles the spirit of creation,

It dulls the senses, numbs the mind, and smothers the fiery passion that fuels the creative muses within the soul.

Instead or feeling inspired and imaginative, it casts a shadow over the vibrant colors of imagination, turning brilliance into bleakness.

The vision, once clear and vivid, becomes clouded and distorted, as the liquid poison seeps into every stroke and thought.

True artistry thrives in clarity, not in the clouded depths of intoxication.

Be curious, be clear and embrace the journey of hands, mind, and soul.

Unleash your creative spirit, celebrate it, and bring the magic to life.

If you are questioning your relationship with alcohol I get it.

I think it is good to get curious about how much you are drinking.

If you find yourself drinking more than you intend, reach out for a private and safe conversation around it.

Don't let alcohol kill your creative genius.

Thanks for reading!

with love,



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