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Opening up a bottle of wine at the end of the day was a reward, or was it?



CURIOUS ON LIFE: the Blog vol. 6

Rebecca Guevara Wingler

certified life coach/ artist/ grey area drinking/ reiki practitioner


For decades, I really bought into the idea that pouring a glass of wine was my reward at the end of the day. I never went out to dinner without ordering my red, or to any social gathering without a glass of wine in hand. I had beliefs around it, so it was my go to.

I really thought it meant having fun, relaxing me and relieving any stress at the end of the day. Wasn't wine good for me? Ha!

Alcohol of course lowers our vibrations and numbs everything.. Drinking a liquid to feel good for a short time, but then feel awful the next day is not healthy living. I now realize how unhealthy my daily wine habit was.

Wine is alcohol, and alcohol is poison to our body.

I wasn't just diseasing my liver, but my heart, my stomach lining, gums, and aging my skin etc.

The alcohol industry would like us to remain ignorant to its cancer causing properties. It is toxic, the science proves it.

When you feel hungover or are actually sick, that is your body trying to process and get the alcohol (poison) out of your body asap. Trying to keep you alive.

As an artist, drinking was hindering my creativity.. All my creative vibrations were lowered not elevated.

As a certified alcohol free and grey area drinking coach I understand the addictive nature of this drug. It rewires our brain and slows down our thinking.

I work with others who are questioning their relationship with alcohol and have changed their own behavior and mindset around it. They discover a new reality and sense of purpose.

There is no shame or judgement around it, we are conditioned in our society to believe that some people can handle drinking while others cannot.

This is a myth. Anyone who drinks enough for long enough will become addicted to this very addictive substance. I find it so weird that in our society, Alcohol is the only drug we have to explain NOT taking. It is glamorized and all dressed up,

If you are curious about your own inner voice that tells you something is off and is not driving you to your fullest potential, I say pay attention.

If you are like I was, you know that it is not serving you, and probably has you pressing pause on your life goals and dreams.

Perhaps you are a pretty healthy and successful person, yet you find yourself feeling ashamed, guilty because drinking is sabotaging your health goals and taking up way to much space in your mind than it deserves.

Maybe you've even tried to hit the pause button on drinking. You are not alone.

I have been where you are. Keep listening to that inner voice, it's your soul, you can trust it. You are on the verge of something big and wonderful. Learn more here


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