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The Path Your On, Is It The Right One?

Updated: Mar 29, 2023

CURIOUS ON LIFE: the Blog vol. 9

Rebecca Guevara Wingler

Creator of COLOUR: Language of the Soul Workshop Series

Artist/Creative Life Coach


PASEO San Miguel de Allende / Artist Rebecca

I'm often curious and looking for signs that help me gauge whether I'm following the right path.......... for me.

A path where I'm feeling an overall sense of calm, balance and connection.

Things like, Is there balance in my physical body, in my mind, in my spirt?

Is there curiousity?

Is there clarity?

Is there creative inspiration?

If the answer is yes, then it is a safe spot.

No matter the path we walk, we come across major changes, challenges and unfamiliar experiences. And when we do, it is uncomfortable. We become smaller versions of ourselves if we don't pay attention.

One thing that has become important for me to understand is that the clearer and cleaner my mind and body are, the better my ability to receive energy, beauty, understanding and musings. A better connection to my higher self.

Creative inspiration for me, is driven by spiritually, ancient customs, culture, deep emotion, travel and nature. All equally important muses that show up unexpectedly..

This requires me to connect deeply to my intuition.

Creating art also allows me to pay attention and be in the moment.

When I'm painting, I'm raising my vibrations and my state of mind.

With elevated levels of positive energy, the law of attraction creates more goodness and abundance into my life.

When we learn to say no to behaviors that no longer are serving us, we then invite in positive energy and new ideas of who we are supposed to become!

I'm still discovering my truest desires. By becoming more in tune you learn important things.

You can discover what work you should be doing to be most fulfilled

What kinds of relationships you should be forging

Discover how to identify the biggest challenges in your life and how to overcome them.

Ways to practice connecting to your higher self

  1. Meditation- The busier the mind is the harder it is to focus, relax and get connected. Meditation is the key to understanding our inner wisdom. If you are new to meditation, start with five minute increments. Just sit in silence and allow for anything that comes to you and pay attention to your breath.

  2. Nature- Being in and feeling nature's vibrations on a tangible level will allow you to reap the benefits of its ancient wisdom. This also allows you to align even more closely to your higher self.

  3. Creating- Art and creativity is more than just imagination. The universe grants every person with the same access to the creative self, in all its forms.. We can go to better places when we engage with creativity, Including to our Higher Self.

All the people you meet on the path of life have something to teach you.

"The illusion that we are separate from one another is an optical delusion of our consciousness."

Albert Einstein

Thanks for reading.

With love and wonder,



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