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CURIOUS ON LIFE the blog. Vol. 19

Rebecca Guevara Wingler

Creator of Color: Language of the Soul Virtual Art workshop Series

artist/creative life coach / podcaster


Looking forward to that 5 o'clock somewhere pour each evening was becoming more and more important over the years, until it wasn't.

This statement may resonate with many of us who have found comfort in a drink at the end of a long day, but there's no judgment here.

The truth is, alcohol is an addictive substance, and it's essential to acknowledge its potential power over us. However, the shame and judgment surrounding "over drinking" often hinder curiosity around controlling it and self-awareness.

As a certified alcohol-free and grey area drinking coach, I know the importance of shedding light on this topic.

I whole heartedly, DO NOT believe I'm powerless, or that alcohol has power over me.

I think that is part of the problem around "over drinking".

Too much shame and judgement around those of us who, do, have or will.

It is an addictive substance after all.

Potentially any human can become addicted! So why is there so much shame and blame around that?

The Unconscious Relationship with Alcohol:

For many of us, alcohol becomes an integral part of our lives, intertwined with various occasions and emotions.

It is marketed as a magical elixir that can transport us to a wonderful place, whether it's celebrating, socializing, or coping with stress.

At first, we may not realize the impact it has on our lives. We might think, "I deserve this," or "It helps me relax." But over time, discomfort sets in, and we realize we are stuck in a mindless, boring habit.

The Awakening:

The turning point comes when we become aware that alcohol is no longer adding anything positive to our daily lives.

We might try to cut back, set rules, and use willpower, but ultimately, we find ourselves unable to change the behavior. This realization can be painful, but it is the first step towards awakening.

Embracing Awareness:

Awareness is the key to change. Once we are conscious of the issue, we can begin to address it.

It's essential to celebrate the moments of awareness, for without it, we cannot make any meaningful transformation.

Being aware means being awake – we gain momentum and traction in our sober journey, this is a process.

The Role of Hope:

Hope plays a crucial role in the process of making alcohol small and irrelevant in our lives. When we choose hope as the driving force behind the outcome we desire, it fills our hearts with positive emotions and anticipation.

Hope creates excitement and energy, making the journey towards sobriety more empowering and rewarding.


Freedom from alcohol comes not through willpower but by exploring our motivations and emotions. Positive feelings and repetition.

Repeatedly reminding ourselves of the positive emotions we associate with making alcohol irrelevant in our life, allows us to experience real freedom.

The journey towards an alcohol-free life is not easy, but it is worth it.

Embracing self-awareness and hope, we can we gain control of alcohol and experience genuine freedom.

As someone who has gone through this transformation, I know how painful and liberating it can be.

If you're curious about making alcohol small and irrelevant in your life, I invite you to embark on this transformative journey.

Contact me to learn more.

Let's awaken your mind to freedom.

Learn more about my sober curious journey here:

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CURIOUS ON LIFE, the blog vol. 18

Rebecca Guevara Wingler

Creator of Color: Language of the Soul Virtual Art workshop Series

artist/creative life coach / podcaster



When we engage in activities that excite us, our bodies and minds experience a heightened state of arousal and enthusiasm.

This state can temporarily mask feelings of tiredness or fatigue.

Why does this happen? I was curious.

Increased adrenaline:

Exciting activities can trigger the release of adrenaline, a hormone that prepares the body for action. It increases heart rate, blood flow and oxygen supply to muscles, providing us a surge of energy!.

Enhanced focus and concentration:

When we are genuinely excited about something, our attention and focus tend to be directed toward that activity.

This focus can make us feel more energized and less aware of fatigue or tiredness.

Positive emotions and motivation:

Engage in activity that excite us.

For me, its painting, creating with my hands. This brings about positive emotions such as joy, passion, inspiration, a sense of accomplishment.

These emotions boost our motivation and create a positive feedback loop where the excitement itself helps to sustain our energy levels.

Flow State:

Exciting activities can sometimes lead us to experience what psychologists refer to as "flow state" or being in "the zone".

Flow state is a state of complete absorption and deep engagement with an activity, where our skills and challenges are perfectly matched. We are fully present and time seems to fly by!

Being in flow can be energizing and make us less aware of fatigue.

When we decide to leave behind what no longer is serving us in life, and make transformations (at any stage and at any age,) it is exciting and uncomfortable all at the same time.

It is essential to listen to our bodies, prioritize self care, have compassion and grace, for ourselves and others, and aim to maintain a balanced approach to life.

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Curious on Life, the podcast.

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with love and wonder



CURIOUS ON LIFE: the blog vol: 17

Rebecca Guevara Wingler

Creator of Color: Language of the Soul Watercolor Workshop Series

Artist/ Creative Life & Certified TNM Coach/ Podcaster


The alchemy of mind and imagination.

I'm fascinated with the "inner artisan" and human creativity, It knows no bounds.

Our minds hold the key to unlocking limitless possibilities.

When we channel our inner artisan, our minds become alchemists, transmuting thoughts and vivid imagination into reality.

It's a magical experience that nourishes the soul and we can feel deeply connected with everything around us.

When I dive into a creative project, I feel an indescribable connection to something bigger.

I'm tapping into the timeless wisdom of generations before me, drawing strength from their creative spirits, their energy!

The dance of hands and creativity

Our hands become instruments of expression and transformation.

They possess the power to mold, shape, and breathe life into our ideas.

We are infusing a piece of our very essence into our creations!

For me, this connection through time, that links us to generations of artisans who came before us, gives me inspiration and a sense of belonging.

Creating becomes a sacred dialogue with my hands.

Pouring emotions, dreams and aspirations into every movement.

As time slows down, the worries of the outside world fade into the background.

I'm fully present in the moment, and gain clarity as my focus narrows.

Channeling the artisan within

The practice of channeling the inner artisan, also challenges our intellect.

It creates a harmonious connection with the world around us, when we experiment and explore new territories and problem solve.

I believe there is ancient magic within each of us. It is transformative and it transcends the mundane.

It awakens passions, and we discover profound connection with ourselves and others.

Be curious, embrace the journey of hands, mind, and soul.

Unleash your creative spirit, celebrate and bring the magic in.

Go ahead, find the Magic in channeling your inner artisan! . 🌟👐✨


"Creativity is to give life, color, and form

to a voice that comes from within."

Nadine Fefeghaly

Thank you for reading,


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