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I have been an artist all my life creating in one form or another.  And for over a decade that's what I was doing, expressing through art.  

In  late  2020, I began a journey of becoming a Certified Llife Coach, through 

This Naked Mind.

This passage has allowed me to discover that I am here to teach and help others through coaching and creative workshops for the artist and non artist alike.

When we create and express through art, it allows for positive energy vibrations to flow freely.

Without realizing it, when ever I was creating, I was healing.

I've integrated my own experiences; abuses, betrayals, and loss to inspire people.  Discovering it is possible to expand in a beautiful way, in spite of trauma.  

My own story includes destructive behaviors, especially with my beloved red wine.

 I became curious about why I was behaving in ways that I knew were not healthy or elevating my vibrations.

You can continue to read about that journey  here:


Painting on a Huge Canvas


"My Mission is to activate expression and guide you to move toward transformation.  

Transformation away from feeling lonely and in stagnation, or like 

 "The best of life is behind you." 

I  work with you and provide a safe space and we  tap into creative exploration while developing  trust."




"As a visionary, I want to help and raise the vibration of the planet, to inspire people to reclaim their truth and over come fears, disappointment and the limiting beliefs they hold.  


Lets do this, I've got you!"



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